The Genite Chronicles : A Link to the Past

Nicole Cook and Debbie Cook


About the Book

What will the world of the future look like ? With an increasing number of lesbian, gay and transgendered (trans) people in society becoming a normal part of the evolution of our species, what could the future look like with this additional social dynamic ? This story follows that line of thought. In the world of the Genite Chronicles the trans part of the population not only grows but undergoes a sequence of events that leaves them in a superior position in society. In A Link to the Past we are at a point where the trans part of society has to deal with this perception of a class system held by the rest of society.

Amidst the unfolding of the trans (Genite) political issue, A Link to the Past follows the human races expansion into our own solar system. In this future world, off world living and traveling is as common as sea travel in 2005. The story begins in the world capital San Francisco which is located in the country of California. It follows the assignment of the main character to her first position in the United Terran Council (UTC -- a future manifestation of the United Nations), which places her on Europa, home to a mining settlement, to handle what appears to be a social rights problem. What unfolds on Europa blends the political and futuristic setting dynamics with elements of Earth folk lore.

As an added element of interest a number of current events have been woven into the history of the story. California and several other states succession from the United States, the formation of the Nation of California and the success of the United Nations in becoming the United Terran Council all add to the social intrigue of the story line.


About the Authors

Nicole and Debbie Cook are legally married. As a transgendered female Nicole tries to bring her non binary gender perspective to her writing. Nicole is a college instructor who teaches Computer Information Systems. She has taught at 4 colleges and enjoys the experience of teaching. Nicole's current favorite sport is skydiving, and one of her favorite phrases is As a T-girl who skydives, I like to think that I am uniquely qualified for out of the box thinking. After all when I was young I was informed that I was a boy and that I could not fly and now I am a girl and can fly. Debbie is Nicole's loving spouse. They have been together since 1986 and have a great marriage, despite right wing attempts to make their marriage illegal. Debbie is a computer expert and assists Nicole behind the scenes helping her with everything from keeping the computers at home running to maintaining the information on Nicole's class web page. Debbie has tried just about every sport Nicole likes, including sky diving, scuba diving and snow skiing. But if they go skiing in Tahoe, Debbie is more likely to head for the casino than the slopes. Nicole and Debbie currently have 3 Chows, Misty, Tristian and Tempest as well as 2 cats Marmalade and Satine.


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