Nicole's Positive Female Role Model Page

(or the "Girl Power" Page :-)

Actress's Name - Keira Knightley
Movie or Show: - King Arthur
Positive Character: - Guinevere
Earning the new top of the list position is Krira Knightley. While she has created powerful female roles in several pictures, none can come close to her portrayal of Guinevere in King Arthur. After being subjected to the insignificant portrayals in Excalibur or the Mists of Avalon, Keira's Guinevere brought the character to the level of Legend.
Actress's Name - Sigourney Weaver
Movie or Show: - The Alien Series
Positive Character: - Ripley
Earning the position at the top of my list is Sigourney Weaver the absolute queen of the non-stereotypical feminine role. Sigourney can play the full gambit of the female potential, from her fantastic role in the Alien Series (with Aliens being my personal favorite), to her more professional role in "Dave" to her comedic role in "Galaxy Quest".
Actress's Name - Amanda Tapping
Movie or Show: - Stargate SG-1
Positive Character: - Major Samantha Carter
The next entry in the list has the whole good looks and intelligent character. Amanda plays Major Carter in Stargate SG-1 where she is not only the brains of the operation but one of the key strength characters as well.
Actress's Name - Carrie-Anne Moss
Movie or Show: - The Matrix
Positive Character: - Trinity
The next entry has the ability to do tough and sexy at the same time. Her character in the movie "The Matrix" was a great example of a woman who can do just about anything and look good doing it.
Actress's Name - Claudia Black
Movie or Show: - Farscape and Pitch Black
Positive Character: - Officer Aeryn Sun
The next entry plays the role of the strongest character in Farscape. Claudia's character Aeryn Sun is a Peacekeeper, respected by all in question as someone not to make an enemy of.
Actress's Name - Linda Hamilton
Movie or Show: - The Terminator Series
Positive Character: - Sarah Conner
In the next position is Linda Hamilton from the Terminator Series, Linda's portrayal of a young woman rising to the occasion to do whatever is necessary to save the world is just what I like to see in female role models. Yes human girls are as strong as cyborgs from the future, so don't piss us off ! ;-)
Actress's Name - Kate Mulgrew
Movie or Show: - Star Trek Voyager
Positive Character: - Captian Kathryn Janeway
Coming in next is the Captain of the Star Ship Voyager. (of course we know that by that time period all star ships will be commanded by women). Kate's character shows that Women can handle any position that is required of a human, and in some cases may just be doing a better job than their male counterparts.
Actress's Name - Yancy Butler
Movie or Show: - WitchBlade
Positive Character: - Sara Pezzini
The next entry has an interesting mix of medevil swordplay and armor in a contemporary police drama. The characters desire not to be controled while at the same time using the WitchBlade makes for an interesting conflict. Not to mention the fact that the Witchblade can only be worn by a female.
Actress's Name - Angelina Jolie
Movie or Show: - Tomb Raider
Positive Character: - Lara Croft
And of course you have to mention a character who is better than her male counterparts in every situation.