Kluane Lake, Yukon

Kluane Lake is the center piece of a section of the Alaska Highway that beckons you to stop and take in the beauty.
  This section of the trip really has spectacular scenery. The road runs along a plateau with the terrain dropping off to the sides and then quickly up into mountain tops or into the clouds. The entire area is filled with lakes, which only adds to the grandeur of the scenery. We stopped in Burwash Landing for lunch. The Restaurant sits on the edge of Kluane Lake. We sat at the window that overlooks the lake. The food was good but the view was fantastic.  
After all that I should warn you about the road. This was the worst section of road on the return trip (2004) and going out (2002). No load no matter how well packed can survive the jack hammering motion, without some serious shifting. I even had parts of the truck falling off.By 2010 this section of the road was fixed but the section from Burwash Landing to Beaver Creek was terrible.

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