Muncho Lake in BC Near the Yukon Border
As we left Watson lake the scenery started out less remarkable. It was pretty but it reminded me of the rolling hills of Georgia and Alabama, and due to way too much traveling in that area I have become jaded towards that landscape. However as we passed Laird River and entered Muncho Lake Provincial Park things changed. Suddenly we were in a Yosemite class park environment. The emerald green waters of the lake added to the grandeur of the precipitous peaks rising up from the water on all sides.
While the macro view was dramatic the micro view was a good bit different. Since I started with a comparison to Yosimite, I will stay with that analogy. In Yosomite I would have easily found several trail heads to several well maintained trails. At Muncho Lake we drove the full lenght of the lake but only found two trail heads and both were on river beds. While we were there we walked the dogs on a few of the outcroppings into the lake.
As we got close to Muncho Lake we were able to see some wildlife. The first thing we saw was a Black Bear surrounded by a camera toting motorhomist, there was not even enough room to stop. further down the road we encountered some goats and stopped to take pictures (in the set to the right).
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