Nicole's Life Events Checklist

Event Status Comments
Jump Out of an Airplane (Fly) Completed 72 Times, I love it, If I had the money I would jump all the time!
Run A Marathon Completed 3 Times, The last 2 in the same 3 week period
Write a Book and have it Published Completed The Genite Chronicles - A Link to the Past, ISBN: 1-4208-7294-X
Perform Live in front of an Audience Completed At least 5 times, the largest in front of 400 people
Sail a Sailboat in the Open Ocean Completed Owned a Newport 30 for over a year, sailed out beyond Catalina
Fly an Airplane Completed Owned a Cessna 172 for over a year, I have over 40 hours PIC
Snow Ski Steep Terrain Completed 20+ times Double Black Diamond & Black Diamond (Avalanche chutes at Mammoth my favorite)
Scuba Dive Completed 30+ times, Deepest dive 120 feet, California and Hawaii
Hike to the Top of a Mountain Completed So many times I have lost count, The Highest was probably Mt. Baldy
Drive Across the Country Completed 7 Times, Between California and Florida (4 different routes), 2 Times, Between California and Alaska
Ride a Bicycle Across the Country Completed San Francisco to Jacksonville Beach Florida
Earn A College Degree Completed BS - Computer Engineering & MBA - Finance
Be on TV Completed Mornings on 2 - San Francisco Channel 2
Visit Foreign Countries In Progress Have been through West Canada, Some of Mexico and Auckland, New Zealand
Save the Country From the Lure of Greed In Progress Working with political organizations to make the world a better place
Become President of the United States Not Done Yet But I am working on it
Travel to Space Not Done Yet Hope it becomes more possible in the future